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England in November

We've got a short tour coming up in early November in the south of England. There are a few details still to be confirmed but we're looking forward to return visits to some favourite venues and to getting to know some new ones. And of course to seeing friends...

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Belgium and Colonsay

Two weekends in a row, two very different festivals. First we were in Belgium, playing at a gorgeous little museum in Tongeren (where they had the most delicious garlic beer - yes, garlic!) then we had a gig as part of the Scottish Festival in Alden Biezen. We had lots of fun, thanks to the delightful Stephane Nissen who looked after us wonderfully, and it was great to have a free day at the festival to enjoy the other bands.

The following weekend was Ceol Cholasa - the festival on the island of Colonsay. We were there for the long haul - from the Wednesday till the Sunday. We did a concert and a couple of workshops and met lots of wonderful people and great bands - Sarah McQuaid, the Tanahill Weavers, Maeve Mackinnon, Roberto Diana, and many more. We were really sorry to leave Colonsay - after 5 days we were almost feeling like locals! - but the ferry journey home with a stomping session in the bar and a raging storm outside was a lot of fun!

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Glasgow workshop and concert - postponed

Saturday 10th August in the College of Piping, Otago St Glasgow. There are details of the workshop in a page titled, funnily enough, workshop! Just after the gigs page...
We're planning to do this later in the year. Date tbc

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Spring tour

We'll soon be off to the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the south of England. We've been having fun arraning a couple of new sets for you. Hope to see some of you along the way!

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London Showcase

Tattie Jam has been invited to perform at the Folk21 London Showcase on 23rd February.

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We're back home now from a great trip to England and Germany in May / June and then to South west England in July. As ever we made some lovely new friends as well as catching up with older ones. Older to us that is :o) 

Seylan's just back from Skye where she was teaching on Alasdair Fraser's fiddle course together with the wonderful and delightful Natalie Haas. It was cello and fiddle heaven and we hope the students enjoyed the classes as much as Seylan enjoyed teaching them.

We've got some exciting ideas up our sleeves so we're going to be doing a little less touring for the next few months to give us a chance to work on them. All will be revealed in due course! We do have a couple of gigs in August though and in October we'll be in England and France. There are some dates on the gigs page and the rest will be added soon.

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Spring tour 2012

We're getting ready to set off on a 6 week tour and are hoping to see a few friends along the way and of course to make some new ones! We'll be in Stirling, Powys in Wales, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Devon, East Sussex, London and Germany (from Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria). There's more information on the Gigs page.

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Showcase Scotland, Celtic Connections

Many thanks to everyone who came to see us at Celtic Connections, and for all the lovely comments afterwards. Thanks also to Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley for being so talented and lovely, and to everyone who came round for blethers (or whisky and oatcakes!) at the trade fair.

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Thank you to the wonderful, delightful people we met in Australia, those who looked after us and those who came to our gigs.


And the great news is that we already have a festival booking for 2013 so we'll be back - hope to see you then!

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Celtic Connections 2012

Tattie Jam will be playing at Celtic Connections in 2012 as part of Showcase Scotland, in a double bill with the wonderful Wrigley Sisters. The venue is St Andrews in The Square, 7.30pm on 27th January. Tickets are £13.

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Germany and Netherlands

Thank you to everyone who booked us, looked after us, did our sound and specially to those who came to our gigs in the Netherlands and Germany. We had a lovely time and are now planning our next trip. We'll be over at least two times in 2012 but probably more - hope to see some of you again!

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